Solving biological problems with Python

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This page provides information and links to these two Python courses:

run by the Graduate School of Life Sciences of the University of Cambridge, UK.

Course description

Since February 2017, the original two days course, taught over many years (on GitHub since 2013), has been rewritten into two separate courses running over four days.

Course materials

The course materials are available as Jupyter notebook files, one for each session of the course. Jupyter notebooks allow you to interactively run python code in your browser and if you install Jupyter on your own machine, you can then run the notebooks and experiment with the example code. A quick installation guide is also available in our introductory course repository on GitHub in the file.

The notebook and example data files as well as scripts used in both courses are available to download from our course’s repositories:

Static renderings of the notebooks (that do not support interactively running the examples) are also available (using the Jupyter notebook viewer) as a service from GitHub.

Web-based collaborative editor is used during some courses, allowing everyone to simultaneously ask questions by editing a text document, and see all participants’ edits in real-time:

Course schedule

Course objectives

Exercise solutions

Example solutions to all of the exercises from the course materials are available from the course repository in the solutions folder. The solution scripts are named sequentially for each session.

Note that these solutions are just examples, and there are many ‘correct’ solutions to these exercises. If you spot any issues or bugs with the solutions, or indeed any of the course materials, please let us know (pull requests are welcome!)